Bye Bye Summer...Hello Fall

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As Hurricane Florence roars toward the SC/NC Border, we're sending as much positive energy & good thoughts to our friends--anglers, charter captains, tackle shops and marinas--as possible. We want everyone to weather the storm safely, and hopefully without too much damage.

In the Chesapeake, early fall is a great time to catch rockfish (stripers), bluefish, redfish, and speckled trout. As far as gear, it really is a Dealer's Choice: Troll swim baits, bucktails, spoons, hoses & parachutes along channel edges; cast topwater plugs in the shallows, or; jig soft plastic or metal jigs into breaking baitfish & gamefish suspended over structure. We carry all the lures you need to hook up.

If you'd like to schedule an on-the-water instructional trip on your boat, or a half- or full-day customized guided trips on my skiff, kayak, or even a Mothership trip, Email, text/call (410) 991-8468. Tip: If a rockfish smacks a topwater lure, resist the urge to "set the hook." I know it's hard to tamp down that impulse in all that excitement. Instead, if the you don't come tight to the fish, keep the line taut and rod tip pointed at the fish, then give lure a twitch or two. Then wait for the "BOOM!" Stripers are known to "stun" its prey, and circle back to finish them off.

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