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Blue Water Candy - saltwater fishing lures are made in the USA with a focus on quality and effectiveness. The extra attention to detail is what makes Capt. Jodie Gay’s Blue Water Candy Lures different from any other line of tackle.

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BWC Roscoe Jigs  Roscoe Jigs, Blue Water Candy Jigs, Grouper Jigs, Offshore Jigs, Offshore Jigging
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Roscoe Jigs Freestyle vertical Jigging or as some call it, Yo-Yo jigging, has become extremely popular in the past few years. Blue Water Candy Lures developed the Roscoe just for bottom fishing with freestyle jigging gear. It resembles a squid and is designed to be used with assist style hooks and rings. The main body is painted in light emitting pearl GLOW with several accent colors available to choose from. There is a small fin on the backside to help the jig cut through the water quickly....