fish measuring board, kayak measuring board, fish measuring board for kayaks, floating Fish Stik by Yak Gear measuring board

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  • Available Colors: Lime Green & Hi-Viz Yellow
  • 12 inches when stowed. 36 inches when expanded.
  • Easily store fish gripper inside your folded Fish Stik.
  • Ideal for CPR photos and tournament submissions.
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    Finally, a fish measurement board specialized for anglers in tight spaces. With limited space in the cockpit of a kayak, on the deck of a paddleboard, or in a gear bag when wade or bank fishing, The Fish Stik gives you back your fishing space by folding down and storing easily. The new design addresses the biggest problems with old-school measuring boards, poles, and tapes: it folds down to save space and it floats. Stop compromising your space and your measurements. Get back to fishing; get back to measuring.

    Warning: Do not add substantial weight to The Fish Stik, as the addition of weight may reduce its ability to float.

      At 36-inches long and folding to only 12-inches when stowed, The Fish Stik has it covered – from measuring trophy fish to stowing down under a raised seat, between tackle boxes, or in a storage crate.

      The Fish Stik also has a raised 3.5-inch bump board and line slot to improve measurement accuracy, increase angler efficiency, and minimize the stress on the fish. When measuring a fish off-the-line, hold the mouth/nose of the fish tightly against the bump board for the most accurate measurement. When measuring a fish on-the-line, the built-in line slot allows you to pull the line through the slot in the bump board and proceed with the measurement – uninterrupted by line adjustment.

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