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Designed on Maryland's Eastern Shore for the Rigors of Chesapeake Bay Trolling [Quantities Limited!]

We have spent the past several years designing and developing a line of high quality trolling rods for Striper trolling on the Chesapeake Bay. We utilize high end, proven, brand name components and we battle test each model through our network of captains before we open put them out there for your fishing pleasure.

In a typical Spring or Fall trolling spread, we'll run the medium heavy or heavy 6'0" heavy rods off the planer boards or deck rods. The heavier rods are great for running weighted parachutes deeper off the back. The 5'6" rods work great for a line up of tandems running off the planer boards. They are light weight and easy to maneuver. These little monsters are also perfect for lighter weight Summer trolling.

Cove Chesapeake Series Trolling Rods