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Ultimate Spring/Late Fall Rockfish Trolling Baits Combo  striper trolling, trolling for stripers, Rockfish Trolling Lures, Striper Trolling Lures
Retail: $289.95
Price: $275.95
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Tackle Cove Item #: CMB-USTC -

This Trolling Package is ideal for Spring and Fall trolling for stripers. It contains Umbrella Rigs, the perfect mix of pre-rigged parachutes with shads and stinger hooks and storage bag. It's ready to fish right out of the box.

Planer Board Kit $20 Off Planer Boards, Rockfish Trolling, Striper Trolling, Planer Board Rigging
Retail: $419.95
Price: $399.95
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Item #: CMB-PBRC -

Perfect for trolling fall and spring stripers. Match up with tandem parachutes or umbrella rigs.  Approximate Dimensions: 38" x 34" x 32"

Umbrella Rig Starter Kit Build Your Own $10 Off Umbrella Rigs, Striper Umbrella Rigs, Rockfish Lures
Retail: $115.99
Price: $105.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: CMB-BYOUR -

This DIY Kit includes everything you need to build your trolling spread!  [Run 8 of these directly off the frame, hookless] Now Available with White or Chartreuse Trolling Baits and Shads. [Allow 5-7 Business Days for shipping.]