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Captain Mark's 9 Rod Trolling Set Up

About the Rig Creator

Captain Mark Galasso

Captain Mark Galasso out of Grasonville offers custom trips for fishing or cruising. He operates a 21 parker SE and a newly renovated 35 Markley for your comfort and safety. He fishes Chesapeake Bay from The CBBT to The Susquehanna with a home base in Kent Narrows. Bait, Jigging, Fly and Trolling are all available.

More info on Captain Mark is available in the Captain's Corner......

Captain Mark Galasso

About the Rig

Captain Mark's 9 Rod Trolling Set Up

Off his 35 Markley, Captain Mark is comfortable running 9 tandem rigs spread out as you see them to the right.  He'll run 3 off each planer board and 3 off the stern. 

If you compare this set up to the others on the site, you'll see a few diffferences.  Mark doesn't use in line sinkers and he keeps it simple by running all tandem rigs. 

He mixes up the depth by running lighter tandems on the outside - heavier tandems as you work your way to the middle.

He uses the same basic set up on all rods - check out the bottom illustration.


Mark trolls OB Custom rods.  Bill has him set up with a combination of 6' medium rods and 6'6" medium light rods.   Mark will use the 6'6" rods on the outside and the heavier 6' rods off the stern. 

We used Bill's OB Custom rods as the models to design and spec the Cove Regional Series trollers - a nice alternative until that lucky day when you have Bill outfit your boat with a full line of customs. The Cove CBT-G-66-MH is the Cove Glass version and the CBT-CB-66-MH, a carbon fiber blend.  The fiberglass option is a rugged durable brute while the carbon blend offer the same strength with less weight.

Other solid options for the set up include the Penn Senators and the Shimano Talavera TEC63HRS.  Within the Penn Senator line up, the 3145RS works well as the medium heavy rod and the 3165RS lines up as the heavier rod.  


Mark has his rods set up with Penn 330 GT-2s.  

Other alternatives would be the Ouma CV45-L a well proven, reasonably priced option or the new Okuma SLR-15L.  


  • For the mainline, Mark likes the Power Pro braid.  He'll fill the reel with 200 yards of 80 pound braid - with some 40 pound mono laid on first as backing. 
  • For the leader, Mark uses 60 lb. mono.   

Terminal Tackle

  • End of the mainline - Coastlock Snap Swivel - Size 1
  • Leader line - leading end - standard barrel swivel - Size 1
  • Leader line - trainling end - Coastlock Snap Swivel - Size 1
  • The tandems are tied using 80 pound mono and a three way swivel


On the right, we have picked out a selection of pre-rigged tandems that you can pull right out of the bag and snap on to the Coastlock at the end of your leader.  To follow Mark's strategy, you will want to start lighter on the outside - heavier as you move to the middle.

Mark sticks with Chartreuse and White mixed throughout the spread.