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Captain Jeff Eichler's Summer / Early Fall Striper Trolling Set Up - Spoons and Hoses


About the Rig Creator

Captain Jeff Eichler

Captain Jeff runs a beautiful, recently refurbished 36 foot Robbins (The Southpaw) out of Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island. The primary fishing Captain Jeff does on the Southpaw is for Striped Bass. The method varies depending on the time of year - trolling, live lining or chumming based on how the fish are being caught at the time of the charter. He will also fish for other species such as Bluefish, Mackerel, Norfolk Spot, Croaker, Perch, Trout & Drum. As a sign that Captain Jeff knows what he is doing - he converted his entire trolling line up over to the Cove Chesapeake Series Trollers this year. Solid decision.

About the Rig

Captain Jeff Eichler's Summer / Early Fall Striper Trolling Set Up - Spoons and Hoses

Captain Jeff fishes out of Kentmorr Marina on Kent Island, so you'll often find him trolling the areas of the Bay Bridges, Thomas Point and Bloody Point. During the summer months, he'll troll a spread as we sketched it out here, mixing up spoons and hoses.


Captain Jeff has turned his entire trolling arsenal over to Cove Chesapeake Series Rods. He prefers the carbon blend version of the roller guide trollers. He'll use the 6'0" roller guide trollers off the sides for the drop rigs and the lighter, 5'6" trollers of the back for the in-line set ups. The new 5'6" trollers are plenty heavy for the job and easy to maneuver around the boat.

Other options for the set up include the Penn Senators and the Shimano Talavera TEC63HRS. Within the Penn Senator line up, the 3145RS would be plenty heavy for summer trolling.


Jeff prefers the Shimano Tekota conventional reels. Bill set up his Cove trollers with TEK800s.

Other options include the Penn 330 GT-2 or the Okuma CV55L. These reels will give you the flexibility to use the same set up for the heavier Fall trolling.

We are seeing more and more folks lighten up the tackle for Summer trolling. If you want to put together a set up just for the lighter Summer trolling, try the Okuma CV45L or the Penn 320 GT-2.


  • For the mainline, Sufix Superior Hi-Vis 30 lb. test.
  • For the leaders, mono line anywere from 40 to 80 lb. will work fine for the summer set up. We typically pre-rig our leaders with 80 lb. mono that we use year round.

Terminal Tackle

  • Coastlock Snap Swivels - Size 1
  • For the barrel swivels that split the leader lines, we recommend stepping up to ball bearing swivels because the hoses and the spoons will both be very active. The ball bearing swivels will assure the swivels won't bind and you will maintain good lure activity. We like the Billfisher BBS4s.
  • For the three way swivel on the drop line set ups, we recommend the size 1/0.


We've picked out a selection hoses and spoons. the spoons and hoses can be switched to any of the lines in the set up we've sketched out. If your first spread isn't working, change it up.

During the summer months, the baitfish are Bay Anchovies, Small Menhaden and Silversides - all smaller fish, so the #1 and #0 Drone Spoons match the bait.

This same spread can work in the Fall or Spring as well, but with larger spoons to match the Shad or Alewine - you would want to step up to #2, #3 or #4 Drone Spoons.

For the surgical hoses, red is the perennial favorite color. There are a ton of colors to choose from, but reds and a few blacks will be all you should really need. We carry 10", 12" and 16" hoses. You'll want to mix up the sizes to hit the right size with the fish in the area.