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Atom Popper - 7/8 oz. Silver White

  • Blue and Silver
  • Double Treble Hooks
  • Solid Foam Construction with Wire Insert
  • Lead Keel Provides Positive Balance
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    The words Atom and Striper are pretty much synonymous. Since back in the 40s when Bob Pond proved that the real Striper action comes on the surface with plugs. Today, Atom is still standard issue in any tackle box all up and down the East Coast. POP, POP, POP C'MON STRIKE is the tune to play with the ATOM POPPING PLUG AND STRIPER SWIPER. When readying the cadence, please include the pause. They work better that way. To make these popper type plugs pop, point the rod at the plug with the tip just a little higher than the butt. Now turn the spinning reel handle two steady but fast turns, and on the last half of the second turn, lift the rod tip about six inches with a snap! The ATOM POPPER will spray water and gurgle. Got the idea? O.K., now repeat it. With these plugs, tie the monofilament directly to the plug, no snaps or other hardware necessary.

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