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Chesapeake SABIKI® Rigs $2 Off! Chesapeake live lining, perch fishing, spot fishing, Chesapeake SABIKI rigs, spot hooks, live lining bait, sabiki, sabiki rigs, Chesapeake SABIKI, bait rigs, spot hooks, perch hooks
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Hayabusa Item #: T90158A1 -

Bottom Fishing is Better with Chesapeake Sabiki®! Available in Two Styles as well as in 5-Packs of each or Combo 10-Pack!  1. Original Chesapeake Sabiki® with flash material tied onto the Red Flash colored hooks.  2. Naked Chesapeake version.  Tip with bloodworm or artificial baits. All are tied on fluorocarbon leaders and includes two rigs per pack. These rigs are awesome for catching spot, white perch, and other small gamefish. Compliant...

Fishbites Fish Bites, Bag O Worms, Fake Worms
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Fish Bites Item #: FB-0103 -

Fishbites are especially good artificial baits for introducing new anglers to the sport since many are skittish about handling real worms and natural bait. The bloodworm and other scents will catch a wide variety of saltwater species. Fast Acting and Longer Lasting formulas.

Shad Teaser Packs $10 Off Chesapeake swim shad, shad teasers, trolling teasers baits, Trolling Baits, swim shad trolling baits, teasers, shad teasers
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Tsunami Item #: SB6-25 -

These 6" durable rubber shads come in holographic fish catching colors such as sea trout, chartreuse/silver* and pearl. Great for either rigged on jig heads or as teasers on umbrella rigs. Available in 10 or 20 shad teasers per bag. 

Sabiki® Rigs $2 Off! Sabiki® Squid Baits, Sabiki® hooks, Sabiki® Squid Bait hooks
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Hayabusa Item #: S-530E -

These Sabiki® Rigs mirror natural looking forage that larger baitfish species and game fish love to eat. Greart for spot, perch, kingfish and other sport fish.  Saltwater tough, it has unparalleled style coupled with equally essential, quality materials.

Cove Shad - Singles - 6"
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Price: $9.99
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Tackle Cove Item #: SHD-6 -

Proven to catch stripers, these are high-quality swim shad perfectly made to use as teasers on bucktails, parachutes and umbrella rigs.