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Li’l Bunker from Specialized Baits has a slight curve that gives this versatile lure a unique wiggle and wobble gamefish cannot resist. No doubt, Li’l Bunkers catch fish! [1 oz. Chartreuse Back Ordered through 2020. Pls. limit order to 4 of each so other anglers can catch fish, too.]

Specialized Baits

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Lil Bunker 1 ounce
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The Li’l Bunker is made with a slight curve to give the lure an action of its own. On the retrieve the Li’l Bunker has a wiggle. On the drop the Li’l Bunker has a wobble. The action of the lure translates into more fish on the end of your line. This lure covers the entire water column. Cast it to breaking fish or let it flutter to the bottom. The Li’l Bunker will catch a wide variety of fish.