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Rigged and Ready for Trophy Striper Trolling

A wide variety of Cove Custom Series Tandem Parachute Rigs. Each tandem rig includes two parachute lures, each rigged with 9" matching shad and a stinger hook sized appropriately. These are ready to fish - no assembly necessary.

Each lure is had poured and tied on Maryland's Eastern Shore. We rig with 80 pound mono, 150 lb. coastlock swivels and we crimp all connections.

Looking for a convenient way to store and transport your rigs? Check out our nylon / mesh pouches. The 12" by 12" bag is perfect for tandem rigs. Or step up to the 6 pack bag. The bags are great for transporting, rinsing and storing lures.

Parachute Tandem Rigs [Head color varies]