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Tandem swim shad rigs are great alternative for Spring and Fall trolling on the Bay. Holographic swim shads have tremendous action as a trolled lure. We set them up in tandem to increase your chances of hooking up. We rig them with a three-way swivel and 80-pound test line - all crimped. Easy to care for, easy to store and pretty much immune to jelly fish slime.

Choose from three different combinations:

9" and 7"
7" and 5"
and the deeper diving heavies available in 6.5" and 5"

The holographic patterns are second to none and the tougher material formulations hold up well season after season.  

Tandem Swim Shad Rigs

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Deep-diving Tandems 5"/6.5"  Tsunami Tandems, Striper Tandem Rigs, Striper Trolling, Rockfish Trolling
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Tsunami Item #: TT-6H5 -

Available in a variety of highly effective colorsVery durable plasticGreat for Stripers / Rockfish trollingEach rig contains a matching Deep Diving 6.5"" Swim Shad and 5" Swim ShadThese are a little thicker and heavier than the standard swim shadRigged with 80 LB test mono and a 3 way swivel - all crimpedGreat trolling lures to use when the jellyfish are in town