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Hurricane Prima 110 Sport NEW for 2022!
Price: $1,449.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HP110 -

The NEW Prima 110 Sport (the little sister of our wildly popular Prima 125 Sport) has all the same great features in a smaller package. Same stable multi-chined hull, same roomy Sportcockpit, and the same removable frame seat complemented by fore and aft ABS bulkheadsand a large versatile stern hatch. The removable frame seat is a super comfy beach chairoutside of the kayak. Inside the Prima 110, the seat drops into a specialized interface that allows you to adjust the seat forward...

Hurricane Skimmer 106 Hurricane Skimmer 106, Skimmer 106, skimmer 106, sit on top kayak
Price: $1,199.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HSK106 -

Only 1 Available for Early 2022. Pre-ordered Required. The Skimmer 106 is part of the wildly popular Skimmer sit-on-top series. The 106 is a high performing, smaller kayak that excels in various conditions with superb tracking and confidence building stability. Weighing in at only 39 lbs., Skimmer 106 is a breeze to load, unload, and transport. Pick up a Skimmer 106 and experience the Hurricane difference. Leaders in Lightweight! NO Shipping Available on Kayaks. Price...

Hurricane Prima 125 Sport  Hurricane Prima 125 Sport, Hurricane Prima, Hurricane Kayaks
Price: $1,499.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HP125 -

Only 1 Available for Early 2022. Pre-order Required. The Prima 125 Sport is the new head of the 12-foot recreational class. It features a multi-chined hull, roomy Sport cockpit, fore and aft ABS bulkheads, removable frame seat, and large versatile stern hatch. Best of all, at only 45 lbs (40 with the seat removed), the Prima 125 Sport is easy to carry and easy to load. The Prima’s sleek hull design is complemented by sexy deck lines, smooth comfort-grip handles, front deck bungee, and a...

Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Hurricane Santee 116 Sport, Santee 116
Retail: $1,299.00
Price: $1,249.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HSNT-116 -

There's a reason the Hurricane Santee 116 Sport is best in-class recreational kayak. Simply put, it offers incredible access to more people. And Recreational means a lot of different things to different paddlers. For some folks, recreational means accessories, and accessories require space, so we took the Santee 116 and upsized it. We put some serious cubic inches in the cockpit and voila ― the Santee 116 Sport! A recreational kayak that gives you room for tackle boxes, rod...

Hurricane Skimmer 140 Tandem  Hurricane Skimmer 140 Tandem, Skimmer 140 Tandem, Hurricane Skimmer, Hurricane Skimmer 140 Tandem
Price: $1,599.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HS140T -

Taking Orders for 2022. Paddlers have been begging for a lightweight alternative to the heavy two-person polyethylene sit-on-tops on the market, so we put a tandem SOT deck on a proven lightweight hull design. Fully-featured from bow to stern with two 5.5-inch day hatches, a 8-inch bow hatch, two adjustable Airestream seat backs, and two new Skimmer Cushpads, the Skimmer 140T is designed for folks who like to spend time exploring with a friend. If a partner isn’t available, the addition of a...

Hurricane Sojourn 135 Hurricane Sojourn 135, recreational kayak, touring kayak
Price: CALL
Availability: Out of Stock
Hurricane Kayaks Item #: HS-135 -

SOLD OUT. Taking Orders for Fall 2021/Early 2022.The Sojourn 135 is a day touring kayak for the masses that offers high initial stability pared with excellent speed and agility. At 13 feet 5 inches long, this Sojourn is long enough to hold its own against most kayaks you’ll encounter on the water and short enough to easily hang on the garage wall. It’s also super comfy thanks to its Airestream seat system and adjustable thigh braces and has enough fore and aft storage to make overnight...