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Native Watercraft - Versa Board Angler Versa Board, Native Watercraft Versa Board, Stand Up Kayaks, SUP Boards
Price: $899.00
Availability: Out of Stock
Native Watercraft Item #: NW-VBA -

Why sit when you can stand? The Versa Board Angler lets you stalk, cast and fight the fish while standing on our hybrid paddle board. Extra volume is added for stability and comes with factory rigged central Groove Track. Add a optional seat and it paddles like a conventional sit-on-top kayak. Light weight for easy transport for one person, and spring-loaded drop skeg for great tracking.

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX12 PRO Native Kayaks, Native Watercraft Kayaks, Ultimate FX 12
Price: $1,199.00
Availability: In Stock
Native Watercraft Item #: NW-UFX12 -

Ultimate FX12 PRO remains one of Captain Dollar's favorite fishing yaks because of its versatility. Its open canoe-like cockpit offers ease of loading and unloading and makes this one of the premier fishing, hunting and camping kayaks on the water.Unmatched stability, lightweight, Hi/Lo First Class seat, a wider standing platform with redesigned Tunnel Hull allows more foot comfort when standing to cast. This hybrid canoe/kayak ideally suited for the most...