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PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL. We have Limited Colors Only. Its specially designed mouth creates a lot of surface disturbance, almost guaranteed to make rockfish (stripers) and many other gamefish go bonkers. The Smack-It can be fished several different ways. First, cast and keep the lure popping constantly, moving the lure 5 to 10 inches each time. Or let the lure sit on the surface for 10-15 seconds, then twitch the rod tip, popping the lure a short distance and repeat.

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Smack It Jr.
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Stillwater Lures Item #: SW-SMK IT JR -

Temp. Out of StockThe little cousin to the original Smack-It, the smaller version of this fish catch surface popper has similarly designed 'mouth' that creates a surface disturbance that will attract all types of gamefish. The Smack-It can be fished several different ways.