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  • Made in the U.S.A. with only the best materials: high-grade aluminum and polypropylene to carbon fiber. 
  • Revolutionary grips for no-slip control.
  • Durable shafts, and strong and efficient blades.
  • From entry level to professional grade, all paddles provide a smooth, easy pull through the water.
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Angling Paddles

Angler Rise: Great choice for anglers new to the sport, the durable Angler Rise is available a crazy-low price. A sturdy kayak paddle that'll get you to your favorite fishing spot with energy to spare. ($78.95)

Angler Scout: With built-in tape measure and hook-retrieval system, sturdy polymer blades bookend an ovalized, aluminum shaft gives you a strong, tight paddling stroke. ($105.95)

Angler Classic: The best-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market with high-performance features and 15cm of adjustable length. ($169.95)

Angler Pro: Loved by professional anglers, the hand-crafted Angler Pro comes with a snug-fitting 3-hole, snap-button ferrule that allows for adjustable feather angles. ($299.95)

Recreational Paddles

Whisper: Durability at a great value has made the Bending Branches Whisper recreational paddle one of the best-selling kayak paddles in the world. All at an incredibly low price. ($67.95)

Bounce: A great all-around recreational kayak paddle for the casual paddler, the Bounce is engineered for a comfortable hold and a smooth pull through the water. ($84.95)

Sunrise: Combining lightweight fiberglass performance and durable blades, a high performer at a great price. Excellent choice for flatware kayaking. ($99.95)

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