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Go Bottom Fishing with Chesapeake SABIKI®!

  • Two Sabiki hooks comply with Maryland two-hook rule. 
  • Two rigs per package.
  • Branch line tied on 13# fluorocarbon leader.
  • Main line tied on 20# leader 
  • Hook style is dressed to attract spot, perch, and other small gamefish.
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    • Chesapeake Sabiki Naked
    • Chesapeake Sabiki w/ Red Flash

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    Bottom Fishing is Better with Chesapeake SABIKI®!

    Now in THREE! styles: the original Chesapeake Sabiki with flash material tied onto the Hage Red Aurora colored hooks, or the new White Perch and Naked Chesapeake versions. deal to be tipped with bloodworm or artificial baits. All are tied on fluorocarbon leaders and includes two rigs per pack. These rigs are awesome for catching spot, white perch, and other small gamefish. Compliant with Maryland's two-hook rule.

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