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G Eye Jigs  Striper Jigging, Rockfish Lures. Light Tackle Jigging, Soft Plastics, Rockfish Jigging
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Whether casting for rockfish, speckled trout, cobia or red drum, G-Eye Jigs are proven fish catches. And not just on the Chesapeake, but from Maine to Florida, any gamefish that swims these patented, hand-made jigheads flat out catch fish. Custom designed around the eye and made with unique characteristics to entice fish into reaction strikes, G-Eye Jigs are made with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. Each jig is individually powder painted and meticulously...

Rain Minnows by G Eye Jigs $2 OFF! Rain Minnows, G Eye Jig Rain Minnows, rockfish lures, rockfish jigging, metal jigs for Spanish mackerel, bluefish
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Rain Minnow has proven a killer on rockfish (stripers), bluefish, and Spanish macs that come into the Chesapeake and along the Atlantic Coast during the summer and early fall. here 1 oz. metal jigs feature 3D eyes glued into the custom formed indented sockets on its sides for ultimate protection with pearl flashabou hand-tied onto a Mustad saltwater hook, Rain Minnows flat out catch fish.  Available Colors: Orange Gold (shown), Pink Lady, Limetreuse, Key...