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Tsunami Shads 25-Pack $5 Off Chesapeake Swim Shad, Tsunamis, Tsunami Trolling Baits, swim shad trolling baits, teasers, shad teasers
Retail: $52.95
Price: $47.95
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Item #: SB6-25 -

These 6" durable rubber shads come in holographic fish catching colors such as sea trout, chartreuse/silver and pearl. Great for Umbrella Rigs. 25 shad per bag.  NOTE: Quantities Limited in All Colors. Chartreuse/Silver Back Ordered 6/1/2023]

Deep-diving Tandems 5"/6.5"  Tsunami Tandems, Striper Tandem Rigs, Striper Trolling, Rockfish Trolling
Price: $18.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: TT-6H5 -

Available in a variety of highly effective colorsVery durable plasticGreat for Stripers / Rockfish trollingEach rig contains a matching Deep Diving 6.5"" Swim Shad and 5" Swim ShadThese are a little thicker and heavier than the standard swim shadRigged with 80 LB test mono and a 3 way swivel - all crimpedGreat trolling lures to use when the jellyfish are in town