Bass Kandy Delights (BKDs) - 6" - 10 Pack
  • Original BKD is awesome for stripers, puppy drum, and speckled trout. 
  • A great bottom jigging soft plastic that's durable.
  • Fish it with a jighead heavy enough to feel the bottom.
  • Either hook through bottom or top.
    • Bottom provides better motion
    • Top stays on the jig head better.
  • Use a jerking motion, lifting lure two feet off the bottom with each jig.
  • Recommend using braid for a better feel and hook set.
  • Available in fish catching colors.
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    For 20 years, BKDs have been a "must have" soft plastic lure for targeting stripers (rockfish) on the Chesapeake Bay. Available in six- and ten-inch lures they're known for their terrific tail action that trigger fish to bite. Plus, they stay on the hook two to three times better than many  competitors.  

    It's been said that more "personal bests" have been caught on BKD's by light tackle fisherman on the Chesapeake Bay than any other single artificial bait. Catching Stripped Bass is only the beginning. Our customers have sent pictures of different kinds of fish caught using BKD's from many destinations around the world.

    ​BKDs can be rigged and fished in many ways. Light tackle jigging proves to be one of the most successful techniques. The thrill of having a fishing rod in your hands and catching large trophy stripers is hard to beat! Our baits have also been used successfully with trolling umbrellas and other trolling tackle.

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