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Tackle Cove's "Chesapeake LT Kit" is hand-picked by Capt. Chris$.

  • 20 Soft Plastic Shad Bodies - BKD, ZMan, Bust 'Em Baits, Bass Assassin 
  • Dozen-plus jigheads - 1/4 oz. to 2 oz. (Color and style varies) 
  • Topwater Plug (1) Smack-it
  • Metal Jig (1)
  • Plano 3600 StowAway Case
  • Pro Kit includes: Rapala Fish Gripper, Calcutta Braid Cutters and Pro-Cure 'Super Gel'.
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    Tackle Cove's "Chesapeake LT Kit is hand-picked by professional fishing outfitter and outdoors writer Capt. Chris Dollar. It contains everything you need to catch rockfish (stripers), bluefish, red drum, cobia, speckled trout and many other game fish. Top name, fish catching brands ideal for Chesapeake and Atlantic's near shore waters. Either the Basic or Pro Kit is a Crazy Good Deal!

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