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It's all about Rigging Right. We've been lucky enough to spend some time with some folks who know what they're doing - and are willing to share some good detailed advice with us.

Click on any of the rigs below to see how the some of the best rig 'em. Each rig features a detailed explanation of how to rig it and how to fish it. We've also listed the product you need to make it happen.

6 Line Trolling Set Up - Umbrella Set Ups

A Classic 6 Rod Spring or Fall Trolling set up for Rockfish on the Chesapeake.  Broken into 3 parts - here we show the full boat set up and the rigging for the deeper umbrella rigs.

6 Line Trolling Set Up - Tandem Rig Set Ups

The second section of the Classic 6 Rod Trolling Set Up for the Chesapeake.  Here we detail the set up of the tandem rigs.

6 Line Trolling Set Up - Single Line Way Back

  The third section of the Classic 6 Rod Trolling Set Up for the Chesapeake.  Provides some options for lines straight off the back.

Captain Mark's 9 Rod Trolling Set Up

Captain Mark Galasso details out his preferred Chesapeake trolling spread of all tandems.

Captain Jeff Eichler's Summer / Early Fall Striper Trolling Set Up - Spoons and Hoses

Captain Jeff Eichler shows us how he sets up to chase those late summer Rockfish and Blues with spoons and hoses.

Captain Mark's Rockfish Jigging Set Up

Captain Mark Galasso shows us his set up for light tackle jigging with plastics on the Chesapeake

Rick Jeeter's Live Lining Rig w/ Fish Finder

Rick Jeeter discusses live lining the Chesapeake Bay.  He hits different parts of the water column by varying his rigs.  Here we go through the set up for his deeper rig with a Fish Finder.

Rick Jeeter's Live Lining Rig - No Weight

The second of Rick Jeeter's  live ling set ups for the Bay - this is the no weight version.

Mid Atlantic Surf Rig - Stripers

A classic set up for throwing baits to Stripers from the edge of the surf in the Mid Atlantic.

Ben's Red Drum Surf Set Up - Spinning

Ben Verner shares his well practiced rigging techniques for landing  monster Red Drum from the beach.