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Chesapeake SABIKI® Rigs Chesapeake live lining, perch fishing, spot fishing, Chesapeake SABIKI rigs, spot hooks, live lining bait, sabiki, sabiki rigs, Chesapeake SABIKI, bait rigs, spot hooks, perch hooks
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Bottom Fishing is Better with Chesapeake SABIKI®! Buy 5 "Red Flash" Sabikis and Get 1 FREE! Available in two styles: 1. the original Chesapeake Sabiki with flash material tied onto the Hage Red Aurora colored hooks, 2. Naked Chesapeake versions. Tip with bloodworm or artificial baits. All are tied on fluorocarbon leaders and includes two rigs per pack. These rigs are awesome for catching spot, white perch, and other small gamefish. Compliant with...

Sabiki® Rigs $2 Off! Sabiki® Squid Baits, Sabiki® hooks, Sabiki® Squid Bait hooks
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These Sabiki® Rigs mirror natural looking forage that larger baitfish species and game fish love to eat. Greart for spot, perch, kingfish and other sport fish. Saltwater tough, it has unparalleled style coupled with equally essential, quality materials.