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Rockfish Poppers  rockfish poppers, Hard Head Custom Baits Rockfish Poppers, cajun thunder cork poppers
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Price: $7.95
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Hard Head Baits Item #: HH-RP -

Custom Rigged Popping Corks  Chose either a standard Cajun Thunder Popping Cork to rig your own or our custom rigged "rockfish popper" with a Cajun Thunder Popping Cork. The corks feature brass and magnum plastic beads to create a splashing and loud clicking noise that attracts gamefish from a great distance. The Rockfish Popper is rigged with a 24-30" leader and a 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz shad head and a soft plastic bait! It's a deadly combination...

Rat-L-Trap Saltwater Lures  Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Saltwater lures, Rat-L-Trap Saltwater crankbaits, Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Saltwater crank baits, crank baits
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Price: $7.99
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Item #: RT140S -

Bill Lewis' famed "Rat-L-Trap" lipless crank bait has earned its place in history as one of the most versatile lures to ever come along. It will catch equally well in salt or fresh water. Striped bass, puppy drum, walleye, trout, salmon, and many other fresh and saltwater species simply cannot resist this lure. Available in two colors: Chrome/Chartreuse and Chrome/Blueback, both with red eyes and strong Mustad saltwater hooks.  

Red Drum-Cobia Lure Kit $10 OFF! Red Drum lures, Cobia lures, Lure Kit, Cobia lures, red drum lures, drum lures
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Price: $59.95
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Tackle Cove Item #: cb100 -

Red drum and cobia are two of the toughest game fish that swim in the mid-Atlantic & Chesapeake. This "Bull Tamer Kit" features are variety of proven trophy catchers including, ZMan, BKD and Bust ‘Em Baits and 1 oz.-2 oz jig heads from Coaches Lures & G Eye Jigs.

Bass Assassin - Shad Assassin 5" 10 Pack
Retail: $6.99
Price: $6.79
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Bass Assassin Item #: SA10 -

Roscoe Lil Man Jigs $2 Off! Jigging lures, Sea Bass Jigs, Snapper Jigs. Offshore Jigs, Offshore Jigging lures, Bluewater Candy Lures,  Lil Man Roscoe Jigs, Roscoe Jigs, Blue Water Candy Jigs,
Retail: $12.99
Price: $10.99
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Blue Water Candy Item #: BWC725 -

Roscoe Lil' Man Jigs Built for medium-light tackle, Lil’ Man weighs two ounces and was designed with bottom critters and small mouthed fish in mind. Our field trials showed that Lil’ Man is a killer on trigger fish, black sea bass, grunts, pinkies, snapper, kings, dolphin and others! Lil’ Man has a glow paint body with three accent colors available, pink, blue and brown. It comes rigged with a #2 treble hook.

Bust Em Baits Mini Spins $1 Off panfish spinners, panfish lures,  Bust 'Em Mini Spins, panfish baits, crappie lures, white perch lures, yellow perch spinnerbaits
Retail: $2.49
Price: $1.49
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Bust Em Baits Item #: BE-SPN -

Bust 'Em Mini Spins are great panfish baits, including crappie, white perch, yellow perch and much more. Each spinnerbait is 1/16 oz in weight and comes with 2 replacement tails. They are very durable and designed to catch multiple fish per bait.  NEW! Buy 10 and get 2 FREE! (Added to cart after checkout) 

Deep-diving Tandems 5"/6.5"  Tsunami Tandems, Striper Tandem Rigs, Striper Trolling, Rockfish Trolling
Price: $18.99
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Tsunami Item #: TT-6H5 -

Available in a variety of highly effective colorsVery durable plasticGreat for Stripers / Rockfish trollingEach rig contains a matching Deep Diving 6.5"" Swim Shad and 5" Swim ShadThese are a little thicker and heavier than the standard swim shadRigged with 80 LB test mono and a 3 way swivel - all crimpedGreat trolling lures to use when the jellyfish are in town

Leader Wheels 4" & 6" $1 OFF! Leader Wheel, 6 inch leader wheels,  4 inch leader wheels, fishing line leader storage, Fishing Leader Storage, Leader Sorage, Saltwater Fishing leader storage
Retail: $5.99
Price: $4.99
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Sea Striker Item #: SWL-6 -

Now back in stock, both styles. Spoke and Open style are great for keeping leaders organized.

Lure Bags $2 Off! Lure Storage, Striper Lure storage, parachute bags, lure bags Rockfish Lures, Trolling Lure Storage
Retail: $10.95
Price: $8.95
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Tackle Cove Item #: VMLB -

Choose from three (3) sizes: 7x10, 10x7 [Out of Stock], and 24x10. These vinyl/mesh lure bags are great to store your trolling rigs, lures, and other fishing rigs. Easy to carry & easy to store. The mesh allows lures to air dry and breathe. Hold up against salt water.

Cove Shad - Singles - 6"
Retail: $14.99
Price: $9.99
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Tackle Cove Item #: SHD-6 -

Proven to catch stripers, these are high-quality swim shad perfectly made to use as teasers on bucktails, parachutes and umbrella rigs.

Cove Jigging Combos
Price: CALL
Availability: In Stock
Tackle Cove Item #: CCB-J2-C -

Available Early 2022! Email to pre-order. St. Croix rods are ideal for light tackle jigging on Chesapeake Bay and along the mid-Atlantic. We've packaged them together with quality reels to create an excellent combination of high performance and value ideal.  Triumph® inshore series offer a durable rod that's sensitive yet powerful, a great combo of performance and value. Premier® rods are a rare combination of high performance and value, making it one of the most...

Umbrella Frames Rigged with Shad - 20" 4 Arm
Retail: $29.95
Price: $26.95
Availability: In Stock
Tackle Cove Item #: UMFS -

Ideal for trolling for stripers. Choose from 15" or 20" frames. Save $2 through the end of the year.