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St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rods Triumph® Inshore Spinning Rods, saltwater St. Croix Triumph® Inshore Spinning Rods, Triumph® Inshore Spinning Rods, ods, Chesapeake fishing rods, striper fishing rods, spin rods for Atlantic coast.
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St. Croix Item #: TRP -

Durably sensitive with impressive power, Triumph® Inshore Spinning Rods are built for savvy saltwater anglers seeking the best in performance and value, capable of handling game fish in Chesapeake and along nearshore Atlantic coast.

Cove Bullet Head Parachute Tandems w/ 9" Shad
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Tackle Cove Item #: BH-P-TR -

SAVE 20%!!Tackle Cove's Parachute Rigs are tied to run in tandem to mimic schooling baitfish. Choose from 3/5 oz. or 5/8 oz. All tandems are tied with 80 lb. test line and crimped by local pros. Note: Color Choice = Skirt Color. Head Colors Vary.

Trolling Hoses Rock Hall Reds $1 OFF! Striper Trolling Hoses, Bluefish Trolling Eels, Rockfish Trolling, Cobia Hoses
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Kenco Jarv-Eels Item #: K-RHR-1050-14 -

BACK IN STOCK! Rock Hall Reds hoses are Chesapeake originals that are excellent trolling lures for rockfish (stripers), bluefish and cobia. Made of translucent vinyl tubes with stiff, bendable wire that holds shapes nicely. Available in translucent red, cobia orange and pink as well as solid red and green.

Tsunami Shads 25-Pack $5 Off Chesapeake Swim Shad, Tsunamis, Tsunami Trolling Baits, swim shad trolling baits, teasers, shad teasers
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Tsunami Item #: SB6-25 -

These 6" durable rubber shads come in holographic fish catching colors such as sea trout, chartreuse/silver and pearl. Great for Umbrella Rigs. 25 shad per bag.  NOTE: Quantities Limited in All Colors. Chartreuse/Silver Back Ordered 6/1/2023]

Atom Popper - 7/8 oz. Silver White
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Atom Lures Item #: 60PB - SW -

The words Atom and Striper are pretty much synonymous. Since back in the 40s when Bob Pond proved that the real Striper action comes on the surface with plugs. Today, Atom is still standard issue in any tackle box all up and down the East Coast. POP, POP, POP C'MON STRIKE is the tune to play with the ATOM POPPING PLUG AND STRIPER SWIPER. When readying the cadence, please include the pause. They work better that way. To make these popper type plugs pop, point the rod at the plug with the tip...

Bass Kandy Delights (BKDs) - 10" - 6 Pack
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Price: $7.99
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Bass Kandy Delights Item #: BKD-10-5 -

For 20 years, BKDs have been a "must have" soft plastic lure for targeting stripers (rockfish) on the Chesapeake Bay. Available in six- and ten-inch lures they're known for their terrific tail action that trigger fish to bite. Plus, they stay on the hook two to three times better than many competitors.   Many "personal bests" have been caught on BKDs by light tackle fishermen on the Chesapeake than any other single artificial bait. Catching big stripers is only the...

Bucktail Tandems $2 Off! Bucktails, Chesapeake bucktails, bucktails handmade, Rockfish Bucktails, Striper Bucktails, Trolling Bucktails, Rockfish Jigging. Striper Trolling
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Tackle Cove Item #: RL-BT-TR-6S -

These hand-made bucktails are perfect for casting or trolling Chesapeake rivers, creeks, and seagrass meadows as well as over structure like oyster reefs in the main Bay. Proven to catch many species of Bay and coastal game fish. 

Clarkspoon Lures $1 Off Clark spoons, bluefish trolling Clarks Spoons, Trolling Spoons, Spanish mackerel lures, bluefish, Clark Spoon, Striper Lures,
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Clarkspoon Item #: CS-RBMS -

Clarkspoons are highly proven for both salt and freshwater fishing. They are fast acting, have lifelike motions and can be either trolled or cast. Hands down favorite for Spanish mackerel, bluefish, rockfish (stripers), redfish and other game fish. Clark Spoons are chrome or gold plated, equipped with built-in swivel with red beads and have stainless steel, saltwater hooks.  Add Salty Planers, inline sinkers and trolling leaders! ...

Lil Bunker 1 ounce
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Specialized Baits Item #: LB10 -

The Li’l Bunker is made with a slight curve to give the lure an action of its own. On the retrieve the Li’l Bunker has a wiggle. On the drop the Li’l Bunker has a wobble. The action of the lure translates into more fish on the end of your line. This lure covers the entire water column. Cast it to breaking fish or let it flutter to the bottom. The Li’l Bunker will catch a wide variety of fish.

Ruby Lip Parachutes
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Size Price 3 Ounce $11.99 5 Ounce $12.99 8 Ounce $14.99

Sabiki® Rigs $2 Off! Sabiki® Squid Baits, Sabiki® hooks, Sabiki® Squid Bait hooks
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Hayabusa Item #: S-530E -

These Sabiki® Rigs mirror natural looking forage that larger baitfish species and game fish love to eat. Greart for spot, perch, kingfish and other sport fish. Saltwater tough, it has unparalleled style coupled with equally essential, quality materials.

BKD "Big Eye" Jigs $1 Off! Chesapeake light tackle jigging, Striper Jigging lures, rockfish jigs, striper jigheads, rockfish lures, striper lures, light tackle jigging Rockfish, Jigging stripers,
Retail: $6.49
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Bass Kandy Delights Item #: CJH -

BKD's "Big Eye" jig heads are perfectly matched with the soft plastic lures. They can be rigged and fished in many ways, but really are best when rigged right on light tackle. From rockfish [stripers] and red drum to cobia and tuna, BKD jig heads are at home in many waters. NOTE: White color only. Chartreuse only available in 2 Oz., limited quantities. ...